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Stop rolling your own Webpack configuration!

So you have your custom frontend project with a huge webpack configuration file, while enviously looking at some newer code bases based on Create React App from Facebook? Or, you've started out with a vanilla Create React App, but felt that you needed to eject (even though many advised you not to)? Either way, wouldn't it be nice to be able to re-use some of that magic in a dependency-kind-of-way? After all, Facebook's configuration is probably more tested and thought-through than yours! :) Well, you can! All that Webpack magic, incl. Jest and Webpack Dev Server configuration, is packaged by Facebook in react-scripts . Internally, Create React App is using it, but that doesn't help us, right? In this post, I'll show you how. In order to be able to tap into react-scripts we first need to install them as a dependency using npm install react-scripts --save-dev . This is where the fun begins! In essence, you create a webpack.shared.config.js and import the ba