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Styling individual (and nested) tabs using GWT

I've read several forum entries trying to explain how to style GWT TabLayoutPanels, and there seems to be several ways to do it. The three most common ways are to: 1) Edit the standard.css-file and update the .gwt-TabLayoutPanel, .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTabs, .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTab, .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTabInner and .gwt-TabLayoutPanelContent. 2) Override the styles by putting your own css-file as part of html hostpage. 3) Override the styles in the ui-binder file using the @external keyword. None of them really fit my needs... I want to be able to style indidividual tabs, including nesting tabs within tabs (with different styling). The methods above changes the globally set stylenames, and applies to all tabs being used in you application. What I'm looking for is to style the tabs using defined styles in the ui-binder file. This way, the styles will be obfuscated and possible to apply within it's own namespace - hence only applied to individual tabs using that namespace.