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Web API with ASP.NET Core MVC

I was exploring the new ASP.NET Core from Microsoft and being on a Mac, to start things off, I was following this guide, which includes setting up .NET Core and Visual Studio Code with the C# extension + scaffolding a template project using Yeoman. Pretty simple and works out of the box. Now, to get going with Web API, the next guide would be However, this is based on Visual Studio 2015, where there are ready-made templates for a Web API project. I continued using the guide with my Yeoman template to see how far it would take me. Turns out that I got pretty far, by just following the examples. The first thing that hit me was the change in the ConfigureServices file, namely the services.AddMvc(); method. There was no notion of a MVC-framework in the generated Yeoman code, and I had to add "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc": "1.0.0" to project.json to make it compile. To finally get the application to